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7 Quotes For Your Mental Fitness

When I am having a rough week sometimes I will pray, sometimes I will call someone who I can speak with, at times watching something will do but when all fails there is nothing better than a good ol' quote to anchor my thoughts and actions in the right direction. So I will share with you seven quotes that have helped me navigate life's unforeseen circumstances, catastrophes and challenges. These are quotes that have helped awaken the giant in me, harnessed my strength, restored my peace and ignited my joy.

1. "All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on."

This quote by Havelock Ellis has taught me to discern when it is time to let go of certain things and when to hang on, even if I find it challenging. It has helped me come to terms and appreciate that some situations and even some people are just for a season, and the focus should be on the lessons they come to teach you and the memories that remain.

2. "We can't be everything to everyone and still be true to ourselves."

I heard this from the Netflix series The Crown and I often reread it to myself when I feel I am too guilty of people-pleasing. It encourages me to do what I feel is within me to do for not doing would be a disservice to me.

3. "Starve the distractions, feed the focus."

I was looking for a quote once and I stumbled upon this and it is probably what anchors me on most weeks especially because we live in a world full of so many distractions. This is especially great when working through a project, such a great reminder to question whether your spending your time doing what needs to get done or wasting it on things that won't help you succeed. Definitely, something to remember when scrolling looking at endless social media posts.

4. "Avoiding pain is avoiding strengthening."

This was from my mum, she said it to me to remind me to embrace the pain I am going through because it is there to shape me, to mould me and to build me. I cannot build strong muscles without moments of weakness. Both need each other to exist and I, therefore, must learn to embrace the purpose of pain.

5. "In order to receive you must be constantly giving."

I watched Yara Shahidi's 73 Questions Youtube interview for Vogue Magazine and she was asked to elaborate on the life lesson she learnt from her parents this being "abundance must flow". She talked about how when she and her brother started working when they were young their parents got them three jars one for saving, one for spending and one for donating, their parents were teaching them the principles of life, that for one to receive it is important to constantly be giving. I love this because I too believe a charitable heart never lacks blessing.

6. "I aspire to inspire before I expire"

This is my personal quote and has been my personal email signature quote for years. It has honestly been the one thing that reminds me to keep going even when the going gets tough, it reminds me that there is a seed of greatness that is in me and the world deserves to be wowed by its magic. Definitely a great motivator to keep working on my dreams.

7. "Let go, let God!"

When I know I have done my best and I have nothing else that I can do, I mutter this in my spirit to remind myself to trust that God will handle the rest. I have found this to be freeing when I lean on God and rely on him to take care of business. Even if I don't get what I hoped for I know it was because it was not aligned with what is ordained for my life.

The month of May is the month of mental health awareness and I hope these quotes will help anchor you to live positively and get you away from any defeating thoughts that aim to lead you astray, distract you from your purpose or worse yet make you act negatively. Always remember nothing is permanent and if you're reading this then you're not at the end of you, you have a chance to rewrite your story and unearth the magic within you.

For more on mental health remember to tune into the Sister Speaks Show tomorrow at 10.00 pm EAT via where we will be interviewing Dr Vundi aka The Wellness Doctor with whom we will be discussing mental health and coping strategies to help deal with anxiety, stress and depression brought about by life challenges.

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