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Dawryn Nyiramugisha Shares Tips On How To Harness Your Feminine Power To Succeed In Business

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Africa often shy's away from sexual wellness, it’s something that most would roll their eyes at or are quick to judge a person who runs a business that focuses on sexual wellness. However, this is a very much needed business because by owning who we are wholly we are able to position ourselves to succeed because we have intimately connected with who we are within which leads us to create something that is purposeful.

In our recent #OVAReactPodcast, we had a chance to speak with a sexual wellness coach and business owner, Dawryn Nyiramugisha, a Ugandan successfully running a business in Kenya. As we learned about her entrepreneurial journey she taught us the importance of harnessing one’s feminine power in order to succeed in business. We’ve highlighted three of the pointers that stuck with us and have positively inspired us:

1. Divine Creation Exists in the womb

A woman’s power exists in the Womb because this is a divine place where creation exists. Dawryn urges women to recognise that intuitively they are creators and if they focus their minds they can create ideas and businesses because what exists in them is a divine creation space.

2. Possess the power of strong intuition

Dawryn explains that once a woman recognises that she is a creator then from there she will be able to learn to hear and adhere to the strong intuition that one possesses that often offers wisdom and guidance on what to create, how to create and where to create.

3. Seeing the value of femininity

The world often makes us believe that for a woman to succeed they must embrace masculinity and at times even omit her femininity. However, Dawryn believes this should not be the case, and urges women to learn to see their worth and the value femininity provides. She also emphasises the importance of embracing being vulnerable, for it is not a deterrent to success but leads one to possess a unique value that brings softness, a sense of empathy and also the ability to appreciate everyone’s differences.

The journey to succeeding in business is one filled with many challenges but to overcome them and still succeed, requires one to really know themselves, and to have a full understanding of why they are doing the business. This answer will be intuitively driven internally than through external forces and is influenced by one intimately knowing who they are. When a person understands who they are this leads them to easily harness their power and that nothing can deter them from steering ahead despite the challenges face.

Listen to the full episode with Dawryn NOW STREAMING on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcast and through Capital FM’s Kenya SoundCloud below. Remember to also tune live to Capital FM on Monday at 10.30 pm EAT for the new weekly episode.

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