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About Us


Sister Speaks Global is a female-centered events organization dedicated to curating judgment-free events. These events provide a safe space for women to feel empowered and engage in meaningful conversations about life. Our events aim to instill confidence, raise awareness of holistic wellness, and encourage women to break free from self-defeating patterns that prevent them from realizing their full potential and living purposeful lives.

Aligned with our mission, we strive to create a community graced by women of excellence—women who are achievers and leaders, forging paths of equal opportunities for all. We honor the legacy of the women who paved the way for us, ensuring that our daughters and future generations of women face no limits to their dreams, no barriers to their success, and no glass ceilings to break. We believe in the power of unity, where we can all prosper and ascend together, rather than apart.

​Our Team


Monicah Muhoya


Angela Waweru


Angela Muiruri

Core Value

Togetherness Equals Confidence


We seek to unify women, so they can build their networks, abilities and talents.


We use digital power to connect women and girls through curating themed events and enforcing accountability.


To boost the spirit of sisterhood through confidence building to ensure they never lack the necessities that propel them to their life goals and purpose. To create a women of excellence of community so they are heard.

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