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3 Guiding Principles To Help You Stay On-Track This Year.

It is really important to declare what end result you desire and one way to make sure you stay on track can be choosing to declare it publicly because you will have to be conscious of the fact that you must be a vision of the success you declare you want to be. Also declaring how the ending will look, helps you set precedence for what the beginning and during need to consist of, i.e. what needs to be done and is of prime focus in order to accomplish that which has been declared will be of their reality.

Success comes first from deciding and then second from committing to it. Win for you, commit to being a better version of yourself and work on silencing the critics. Here are three guiding principles that will help you stay on track than off track this year.


I have learnt when you take a break, you break the routine and when you break the routine, you break rhythm and momentum. In the process, your skills wear out and the fire of consistency goes down. When you do eventually get back at it, you actually have to work even harder at building a relationship you once had with that which you broke off a connection with. When you take a break, in the end, all you will feel is like you’re losing a part of yourself.

The best way to maintain consistency is to ensure it fits easily within your schedule for nothing gets done if it feels like it’s a chore. Always remember you can never know what your consistency will lead to.


Before you embark on a journey or start doing a project it’s important to ask yourself the question – Why? Why am I doing this? Why is it so imperative I accomplish it? The answers become the anchor you need when the how becomes challenging, difficult and at times extremely straining. When you know the why then the how won’t matter for the vision of what you want at the end is greater than the temporary obstacle you may go through to get to the end result. Always remember perseverance will always pay!


I never understood this term until I became an example of that very sentence. From failing to blog or when I took more than a day's break from my regular exercise routine or when I didn’t follow my daily schedule. For each one, I had an excuse and before I knew it, the excuses had become the new norm. So be careful that excuses don’t normalise that which you have no business not doing.

I encourage you to look through the above principles daily or several times a week. You can also share it with a minute number of people who you trust, and know will be supportive of your vision and will help hold you accountable.

I will end with this that life was not meant to be easy. Easy only builds complacency while hardships build stronger muscles, increase our knowledge and often make us grow exceedingly and beyond what our minds can fathom possible. In the end, persistence only rewards those who remain diligent.

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