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4 Billboard Worthy Quotes By Women Leading in Corporate

In season 2 of the OVAReact Podcast, we had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with women in leadership positions. Some of the women interviewed are leading women in corporate and each was asked to share a motivational quote for women to be inspired into leading.

Here are the four highlighted quotes from women who are leading in Captial FM, Google, UberEats and GWEC. They will inspire you to put your excellent foot forward in the spaces you wish to lead in:

#Quote 1

We kicked off season 2 with Farida Idris who is the Group Commercial Director at Capital FM Kenya and Koroga Festival Project Director. She has 15 years of experience and her journey into leadership is one that simply reminds us that we should not be fixated on where we come from, for moments that define us are not where we began but rather how we chose to perform along our path in life in spite of it.

Listen to the episode with Farida via this link below!

#Quote 2

If there is advice we ought to heed is that of the top 25 most powerful women in C-Suite level impacting businesses in 2021, Dorothy Ooko. She is the Head of Communications and Public Affairs for Google Africa and our conversation with Dorothy really highlighted the need for leaders to improve their emotional intelligence by practising mindfulness and becoming empathetic towards their team. She also emphasised working towards being the kind of leader that motivates and inspires others to work at their optimum best because in doing so collectively achieving targets and goals becomes more feasible.

Listen to the episode with Dorothy via this link below!

#Quote 3

Most people are often scared of switching careers even without the necessary education needed to do so but upon talking to Kui Mbugua, GM of UberEats Kenya she had as believing that it is indeed possible to do so and we should not limit our minds that it can't be done or listen to the neigh sayers. Kui was previously a practising lawyer with no previous qualification in food or tech, and as she talked us through how she navigated through different career ladders, she reminded us that if we indeed focus on our own path, not doubt ourselves and remain curious then we can for sure navigate through several different careers.

Listen to the episode with Kui via this link below!

#Quote 4

Wangari Muchiri Director of Africa WindPower for Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) is a woman who is reminding women that they do indeed belong in STEM and with numbers as low as 32 % of women in renewable energy, there is a need for women to take up space and be leaders in these fields. Wangari is a sustainable advocate who encouraged women in the episode to take up space so there is less of a question that a woman is working in STEM because the more women that exist the more it becomes the norm. Her journey into STEM will inspire those in that field to, and as Wangari put it they will engineer their way through the glass ceiling.

Listen to the episode with Wangari via this link below!

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