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7 Happy Mood Setters During Lockdown

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

We are on day only Lord knows and must say it has been an interesting time where we find ourselves locked in our countries, counties, cities and towns. Our democracy has simply been stripped away and we find ourselves as kids to the government who tells us when we can leave our homes and that we mustn't come late because we have curfew. I don’t think there anyone could have ever predicted such a global predicament.

An uncertain time, and there is no saying when we will truly see the back of this phase of our lives. As we cannot control what the world is experiencing we can control how we chose to feel. Times like these we will see a peak in mental health challenges for people might struggle with fear of death and the build up of anxiety caused by Covid19 and Corona Virus.

We want to help you level up your energy and below we've come up with seven mood setters that you can adapt as part of routine when experiencing lockdown.

1. Exercise

There are so many home workout fitness instructors like Shaun T, Jillian Michaels and many you can follow on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. You can also choose to do your own thing like perhaps skipping or jogging. Whatever you choose to do, in order to ensure consistency we advise that you create a routine where you schedule time to exercise and also get accountability partners who you can either workout together online with or send each other videos/pictures when you've done your workout for the day.

2. Dancing

Turn up the volume to your favourite musicians or better yet log in to your DJ when they go live on their chosen social media platforms and enjoy the music, then dance the night away. You can also get your friends to join in too and it will feel like you're out clubbing. Make it an even bigger vibe and dress up too. This will definitely get your happy endorphins all the way up.

3. Listening to music

There is something about music alone that knows how to harmonise your spirit. Sad music gets you emotional, happy music will get you bopping and twerking. Get that feel good music to match your vibe and send sensational vibes down your spine.

4. Reading

Get your reading going to educate yourself and stay motivated. Use this moment to learn and gain new knowledge that will help you improve as a person. Don’t come out of this season the same, come out of it better, more skilled and better equipped in the mind.

5. Watching comedy shows

This is a must and Netflix has you sis! Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart, Trevor Noah, Tiffany Haddish, the list is endless. You need to test the strength of your lungs with some happy cheer and you can never go wrong with comedy. It is a sure way to help you forget what is happening and find a reason to laugh again even when life looks bleak.

6. Calling a friend or family

In the recent past, life may have been quite busy and you never got the chance to regularly catch up with your loved ones but now there is no excuse. Make that phone call better yet make it a video call and hear the voice and see a familiar face, you will defintely feel better. This is also a sure way to deposit love straight into your bloodstream.

7. Praying

When it all gets too much talk to God. Say a prayer; release your worries, your sadness and fear. When you let go of what is out of your control you free yourself and allow God to make things right. Prayer relieves you of any burden you feel you may have.

We are all in this together and we will make it! Stay positive, stay prayed up and look after your health for it is your wealth.

Michelle Ntalami is also giving us positive vibes, for she shared with us how she is coping during Covid19.

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