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Michelle Ntalami’s Best Business Practices During Covid19

We had a chance to catch up with Michelle Ntalami, Founder of Marini Naturals. Her business is like any other that has to develop ways to be creative in order to maintain sales and stay afloat during and after Covid19. However, it would be foolish to ignore how globally we have all found ourselves enduring uncertain times that are hard to predict and these therefore breeds anxiety for it is leading companies to go under but as others fall still others rise.

Michelle shared with us what she is doing to stay positivity and keep business running as per usual. Here are her five best business practices during Covid19:

1.Keep a positive attitude

Nothing is permanent, this is a phase and it too shall pass.

2. Make hay while the sun shines

The fact that we can stay at home now, means we can work more on ourselves, this being our goals, our skillsets, our ambitions and even our diets. It is okay to rest up once in a while, but its imperative for us to realise we’ve currently got the opportunity in a lifetime to focus on ourselves more and it’s on us to maximise on this time.

3. Adapt

Don’t just sit there wishing and wondering when things will change. Adapt to the call of the universe. Change your ways and your thinking to suit what is currently happening. Don’t be swept by the tide, adjust your sails.

4. Get creative

The current situation doesn’t mean that brands and companies can’t get creative. So I encouraged business owners to launch new products, roll out exciting campaigns and basically give birth to more creative ideas. If anything, this is the best time to do it as social media consumption is currently at an all time high.

5. Attitude of Gratitude

You’re here, you’re alive, you’re breathing and you’re blessed. Always thank God, and remember every day above ground is a blessing!

These are excellent navigational points that will truly help us to focus on what is within our control, to harness our skills and abilities and to use this time to improve on our weaknesses and polish up on our strengths. Michelle’s best practices simply remind us to see this point in our lives as a half glass full situation and as she said this to shall pass.

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