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7 Queen Affirmations To Stop You From Dropping Your Crown After Your Recent Heartbreak!

Have you recently experienced heartbreak? The relationship you were in didn't work out as you anticipated and this is leading you to feel extremely sad and heartbroken, we wrote this for you, to uplift you and help you get out of the rut of emotions that are leading you to feel despair. Let the person go, bow out with grace and trust the end of your relationship has a purpose.

So, Queen, it's time to remember who you are and firmly put your crown back on. Here are seven queen affirmations and declarations that will put some oomph back in your spirit:

1. I will not water down my tears for they are the source of my strength that I will use to elevate me through my pain.

2. I know the difference between absence which makes the heart grow fonder and silence that speaks volumes.

3. I will patiently wait and remain still because I know the person deserving of me will find me at the ordained time.

4. I attract a person who is challenged by my confidence and I repel the one who is intimidated by it.

Lift your head up when you're down so you don't drop your crown.


5. I do not drop my crown to appease another.

6. I recognise my faults and I will do the work needed to be deserving of another who mirrors me.

7. I let go of the relationship that no longer serves me and I leave myself open to receive the one that is right for me.

It is important to recognise your pain but do not let that pain blind you from receiving what is more suitable for you. Over the years I have learnt that only when you look backwards does looking forward make sense. So be quick to let things go and learn to let God do what he needs to do while you do the necessary self-work to be the right person for the one who awaits to be with you.

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