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Here Are 8 Tips To Successfully Keep Them On The Friend Zone

On Last week's SisterSpeaks Show on FreshM Radio (, we shared tips on how to keep him/her in the friend zone because most of us have a friend who likes you more than you like them. They keep hinting and trying to turn what's platonic into romance, but you are not on that same vibe and all you want from them is friendship. In case you missed the show these are the eight tips we believe will help you successfully friend zone him/her.

1. Be direct with him but be kind

While it may not be the easiest thing to do, being direct with a person is the quickest way to ensure that both you and they know where you stand with one another. While you may not enjoy doing it, it means that you can both go on to be comfortable in each other’s company as soon as possible and have fun just being friends.

2. Try to set them up on dates

Another great hint to emphasize that you don’t want a romantic relationship with a person is to set them up on dates. This is obviously not an action displayed by a person who wants to move things on than just purely friendship. Hopefully, setting a person up, on dates is a big enough indication that you won’t ever be anything more to one another.

3. Never meet up one on one

A good way to never put yourself in an awkward situation with someone that is interested in you for more than just friendship is only to ever meet up with them in a group. If you meet them with other people, it never lets the opportunity arise where they may try to talk to you about taking things further, or even them trying to make a move on you

4. Refer to them as a sibling

It can be a good idea to refer to them as a brother or sister in their presence. This can be a good way to make clear that you have no intention of taking your relationship to a romantic place, without having to outwardly say that you are not interested in becoming a couple.

5. Talk to them about other dates

Talk to the person you want to friend zone about other dates. By reminding them that you are seeing other people and actively looking for love elsewhere, they should hopefully get the message that you are not thinking about them in that fashion.

6. Keep your distance from them

Limit how much you see the person you are trying to friend zone. Never cosying up to them physically but also being vague and emotionally unavailable as possible.

7. Tell them you appreciate them as a friend

Telling someone how much you appreciate their friendship can be a good idea if you are trying to avoid having to tell them directly that you don’t want to hook up with them romantically. What’s great about this approach is that they still feel wanted and needed by you as well as an important part of your life - even if it isn’t in quite the manner that they wanted it to be.

8. Never dress up too much to meet with him

Well, this sounds a bit strange, because every girl likes to be dressed up well and that looks nice at every moment, but if you want to keep your perfect friendly relationship, you must not attract attention to yourself with your good looking. Do not hesitate to appear in the worst possible edition and look unattractive because it’ll help that your relationships remain purely friendly.

We hope you successfully keep the friend on the only ship you're interested in which is friendship! Wishing you all the best and do comment on what worked for you when you do try the tips shared!

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