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Margaret Mutheu of We Connect International Highlights What Stunts Growth For Women Entrepreneurs

We have finally come to the end of the OVAReact Podcast and we have had the privilege of featuring an array of women who share a journey combined of juggling a 9 to 5 with a side hustle, the failure experienced in business, the inspiration of building a business, finding one's niche and cultivating a successful business journey regardless of the various challenges faced. One common factor for the women we featured who are succeeding and growing in the business is that they have started the right way by ensuring the right structures are in place that ensure their businesses are able to attract investment, and funding and they have a better chance at longevity too as a result.

Our last guest on the podcast was Margaret Mutheu who is a Queen Hustler juggling her role as the Regional Director for Africa at We Connect International and she also helps run Elevate SMES Ltd with her husband. We had Maraget on the show because as well as her speaking on her journey of hustling her way into a business she was able to help us shed light on why most women fail to get investment and are unable to grow consistently. The conversation was informative and will help anyone in business to ensure they have the right structures in place, so below we highlight the following need-to-know details that often stunt women entrepreneur's growth:

Registering your business

There are great businesses that exist but most of them miss out on expansion opportunities for the simple matter of not registering one's business. Margaret insists that a business cannot take advantage of what is on offer if it is not registered because this registration will also mean the business has the right bank details and paperwork that make it legally suitable to work with another organisation.

Lack of information

In order to grow business owners women need to sign up for events and also research businesses that are focused on gender-inclusive sourcing because by being a member of such organisations one stands to learn more about the opportunities that exist that can help their business expand and grow.

Imposter Syndrome

A lot of women business owners will benefit from investing in getting a business coach who can help the nurture their confidence in their business ideas and trust that what they have will work. In addition, women need to invest in upgrading their skills to get a better chance at scaling up and being a competitor in the industry their business is in.

Listen to more tips and resourceful information shared by Margaret that helps businesses grow via Apple, Spotify, Google Podcast and through Capital FM’s Kenya SoundCloud below. Remember to also tune LIVE to Capital FM on Monday at 10.30 pm EAT for the new weekly episode.

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