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Proud Failed Entrepreneur, Sheena Raikundalia Teaches Us To Embrace Failure For It Shapes Success!

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

If we told you to name your failure that you are proud of are you able to? Or is it easier to name the successes you are proud of? Do you celebrate and/or acknowledge your failures as much as you do your successes? Most of you will find that as you answer these questions is that you might struggle to own your failures as proudly as you own your success.

In episode three of the OVAReact Podcast, we got to feature Sheena Raikundalia, who refers to herself as a failed entrepreneur. This is a title she owns and is proud of just as she is of her current role as the country director of UK-Kenya Tech Hub. Listening to her got us thinking about how important it is to appreciate the failed moments in your lives, and here is what we feel failure will teach you if you choose to embrace it and its lessons.

Failure is a great resource:

At times your idea can be great but the timing and the environment are not ripe for your idea, this was definitely what led Sheena to fail. So failing in business may mean that you need to observe what has failed because it might not be the idea in its totality it might be elements about the business that need to be tweaked to suit the moment in time and the environment it is being launched at, and then introduce the main idea you had when people are more acceptant of it. For instance, using your platform to educate people which will eventually lead you to convert those engaging with your content into consumers of your product or service.

Failing gives you the answer that not trying won’t:

If you have failed, please give yourself a round of applause because you are now closer to succeeding. To fail means to try, to not fail means to leave in a what-if bubble and the answer never comes from there instead you end up living on the horizon of fear, and all that will do is rob you of the business idea you needed to launch. When you try your hand in business you will do everything you can not to fail, and even if you do, you will be able to know where to pivot to because in that failure you will have a better idea of why things didn’t work and what you need to try to get the outcome you desire.

Failure leads you to be better at helping others:

Sheena confesses how failure has helped her be better at understanding and mentoring others. Her failure has given her the skills needed for her current role where she works with women entrepreneurs, who benefit from her experience as she teaches them the questions they need to ask themselves, and what they need to research and test out before launching an idea into the market.

This episode with Sheena adds a different perspective to the journey of entrepreneurship that we must often consider, listen to her episode in full via SoundCloud, Apple, Spotify, Google Podcast and Anchor FM. Don’t forget to tune in the following Monday at 10.30 pm on Capital FM for the next queen hustler featured.

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