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Self-Reflection Questions To Help You Plan For 2022

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

2022 is finally here and ladies we are going into it with the right mind set, and here is a few questions we have put together that we believe will help you reflect over what you achieved and plan for what you hope to achieve within this year.

1. Choose three words that describe 2021 for you:

These can be words that describe what qualities you've gained, what you have become as a result of the experiences and also what you feel the year has ended up mirroring or the thematic trend you have witnessed all year round.

2. What was the most difficult point of 2021? How did you overcome and what did it teach you?

The answer should be based on areas of your life that made you feel as if you're at your wits end and perhaps led you to act out of character or experience emotions you had never felt which may have a resulted to a mental, physical and/ or spiritual meltdown. What the experience taught you about yourself and how you were able to navigate through it, and come out stronger and better.

3. What was the most freeing point?

This should be about particular aspects that you have often struggled with but last year you were finally able to get over it. Write what that is and describe how you overcoming your struggle has felt as a result and how it has positively affected you as a result.

4. Identify and write down what you are most proud of achieving and/or becoming in 2021

This is an opportunity to literally count your blessings, really take time to reflect on all the things that helped shift your 2021 to be in the direction you wanted it to be. Take the time to celebrate yourself, your efforts, and achievements.

5. What do you wish you did differently in 2021?

Even as you celebrate your wins its important to be real with yourself and identify areas you need to improve on, and these same areas can be what you add to your set goals for 2022. They can also be modified to be more realistic now that you are aware of what affected you not achieving.

6. What has helped you feel more mentally liberated and more mentally tough?

Whatever you note down here should be what you continue to practice, because there is no new year that doesn’t come with its own challenges. So, use this moment of reflection as an opportunity to really pay attention to what is adding value in your life and helping you improve your mental health and maintain stability, where you having been able to work through depressive states and points of anxiety, amongst other mental challenges you have experienced in the past, and as a result overcome them and came out mentally stronger.

7. What contributed to the decline of your mental, spiritual, emotional and/or physical health?

List them down and make a vow to work at eliminating it from your life, for it is clearly not serving you and it is costing you your good health. I always like to say be careful of the weed because it will surely choke up the plant.

8. Favourite memories of 2021

Whatever this may be, let it be a reminder that even if things didn’t go the way you hoped you still had memories worth hanging on to.

9. If you could tell you past self-anything, one year ago, what would you tell yourself?

This is a great way to see what advise you have and going forward it should be what you take heed of as you navigate through 2022.

10. What area in your life do you want to see more dedication in 2022?

You can break this down into categories, this being: finance, relationship, career, health etc. This will be a great way to deep dive into different sections of your life and identify the ideal set goals you hope to achieve within the year.

Sitting down with yourself and looking back at what you’ve done and who you’ve become as a result is definitely a great way to plan on what to look forward too and work towards achieving. We encourage you to be brutally truthful and honest with yourself and set goals and targets that challenge you and ones that you believe you can achieve.

We wish you all a brilliant 2022 and one that is filled you achieving the goals you have set to achieve.

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