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Social Experiment to mark #NationalPeriodDay

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

The aim is elevating the issue of period poverty and demanding real change to making period products more accessible for all and ending the #PinkTax.

We had the opportunity to team up with @capitalfmkenya #TheSauce and conduct a social experiment for #NationalPeriodDay to see how people would react if they see women walking around in public with clothes soiled with Menstrual blood.

Our founders Monicah Muhoya and Angela Wambui went undercover in attempt to understand from all Kenyans from all walks of life attitude towards the sometimes taboo topi c of menstruation.

Do you think people would chose to intervene and help or ignore the situation and walk away? Do you think periods are still taboo in 2019?

This is a Tribute to 12 year old Jackline who committed suicide due to period shaming by her school teacher🔴🔴

Watch the video to see what happens! Leave your comments

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