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12 Mood Uplifters That Turn Your Frown Into A Smile

Having a bad day and a bad mood is absolutely okay but what is not ok is if that mood continues to affect you to the point of being unable to communicate with others and achieve your day to day plans. At times it is harder than most days to shift your negative thinking to positive thinking but we are confident that at least one if not all of the listed 12 mood uplifters will help you shake up whatever is affecting your ability to stay positive and changing your vantage view from what is working than what is not.

Here are what we encourage you to do to get back to a more positive you:

1. Buy yourself flowers

Remind yourself you are special and buy yourself some flowers or if you have more money maybe buy that dress you've been eyeing out on the online store. Then every time you see the flowers and/or dress, they will help you keep the smile on and drop the frown.

2. Party for one

Connect your Bluetooth speakers and blast your favourite song and dance to it. Music will ignite your happy endorphins and the dancing will allow the happy energy to flow through you.

3. Bad & Boujie Vibes Check

You need to remind yourself that you are a baddie so instead of sulking go select that outfit that will ignite that vibe, dress up and rock some heels too, put on some make-up, style up your hair and look at yourself in the mirror to see how stunning you look, then walk out the house with your bad & boujie vibe in check because if you didn't know it sis, you are that Bad B and don't you forget it.

4. Food treats

Food is always a great to-go but instead of emotionally eating junk, it will be quite therapeutic to cook for yourself a fancy meal or if you don't fancy cooking order yourself an ala carte takeaway. Play some nice classical or jazz music, serve the food on your special dinner plate and with every bite, best believe that the good vibes will be sure to check-in.

5. Exercise

Regain some mental and emotional balance with an hour of exercise, you can either go for cardio which will get you feeling more energetic or go for a more relaxing option like yoga or better yet take yourself out and participate in an outdoor activity like running or playing golf.

6. Words of Affirmation

At times the best person to help reset you is you. So how about you stand in front of the mirror and affirm words about yourself that don't describe how your feeling but rather how you want to feel. Remind yourself you are strong, capable, an overcomer and what has happened is there not to break you but to build you.

7. Vent

Identify a trusted person who can give you a safe space to talk and vent, and perhaps might offer great advice to help you overcome your challenge.

8. Read the Bible & say a prayer

At times the person to talk to is God but approach him with the word and remind him of his promises for your life. So take out your bible and find a scripture that gives you the insight you need to have a better perspective over the situation and make time to pray. Tell God what you really feel and pray for the spirit of discernment to identify the right steps to take.

9. Soak up the sun & go for a walk.

The sun is the best free gift nature has to offer, if you live where sunny skies are never far off then girl get out of your house and go for a walk and soak up the sun. You will not only feel better but you'll get that sun-kissed glow too.

10. Reminisce on good ol' days

Go through your phone and celebrate good times by looking through happy photos and videos, that will for sure take you back to that happy moment and allow you to press pause to what is causing distress.

11. De-clutter

Getting organized can help us feel instantly calmer. So perhaps tidy up your closet or clean up the kitchen, it will help take your mind off things.

12. Call an upbeat friend.

There is always that one person in your life whether it is a friend or family member who always has this uncanny ability to make you laugh or make you feel at peace. So give them a call or if they are free to do make time to meet with them, because in life if you want to be happy and calm, spend time around calm, happy people. It's assured to change your mood.

Just remember to get to the good you will have to get through all the bad, may you have the strength you need to persevere and we want to affirm that we have absolute faith that you will do it with your crown still firmly on. Keep your head up sis!

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Franklin Saiyalel
Franklin Saiyalel
Aug 03, 2021

nice compilation

Replying to

Thank you so much and I hope it is of help to you!

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