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4 Lessons Your Thirties Will Teach You

I am well in my thirties and as I was reflecting on what my thirties have meant for me and my agemates around me, life breaks you but yet builds you, enlightens you yet highlights areas in your life that need improvement and shows you what will add to your existing inner love, joy and peace and what can steal it away should you give it the power to.

I have discovered some goldmine lessons that perhaps you can ponder on as you either approach being thirty or continue living through your thirties, and I believe they may help you enjoy this season of your life better.

1. Live before you leave

It is no coincidence that both these words sound similar. When you were born you were given life and with that came the automatic order to live before you leave. We may compromise our future by playing safe, failing to pursue passion and living in fear of ourselves. What I have learnt, is that living is actually an option but leaving is not. We each have an expiry date but none of us knows when that will be, but most of us only exist in life but fail to live in its entirety.

I spent a significant amount of my twenties understanding and knowing what not really living actually is. This is playing safe and then by doing so finding yourself questioning where the passion in your purpose is. In reflection, I have learnt that where passion and purpose exist safe is nowhere to be found.

Always remember "fortune favours the bold".

2. Act on fear

It has taking me a while to realise that fear actually is the best enabler, it is a good thing when you're scared for you actually become more focused, and your focus is like a laser, you find yourself knowing what to do which leads you to just act. We have a choice to either go down the path of where fear makes everything seem impossible or use fear as the fuel we need to just go for it, trusting that through the process of going for it the outcome will be as imagined if not even better.

Learn to feel the fear but do it anyway!

3. Be lead by passion not money

Things will go drastically wrong when money is your only main driver in life, for you will find yourself compromising on your morals. Let passion be in the driver seat, for when you do what gives you a sense of belonging and you do it well, the money will automatically follow but what deters us from continuously working on what we are passionate about is wanting the timing of it all coming together to be much faster but passion has its own time. So stop chasing the money and enjoy living the dream. Building an empire takes time and if you spend more time staying focused on getting the intricate details right, you might find yourself discovering even more great ideas that will multiply your earnings.

You can make your passion your paycheck!

4. Trust in God

Trusting God is a hard thing to do granted because being human we only see things for the natural but that is not how God operates. It is not for us to question how things will come together but to believe they will. If the birds in the air do not worry about where their food will come from nor where their shelter will be, and at the end of the day this is always provided for, then who are you not to trust God in the same way?

Jeremiah 29:11-“For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

May your chapter thirty be a season that breeds a bolder you!

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