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4 Practical Tips To Help You Find Your Purpose

Upon reflecting on my own entrepreneurship journey, I must say the following four tips have really helped me remain focused despite the challenges faced along the way and I hope they too can help you discover your purpose in your journey as an entrepreneur.

1. Remove the scaffolding

When growing up as kids we literally can't wait to be adults. We want to learn how to walk and talk, we want to drive, get a job, get into relationships. we just cannot stop wanting to grow and move forward in life. Then after our first experiences in everything we begin to learn about heartbreaks, debts, how horrible people can be and the journey to what you define as your own success comes with some serious trials and temptations. This then leads us from wanting to continue being independent to being dependent on what brings consistency and we then find a home in complacency, although appears comfortable is actually dangerous because it robs us of living and being who we really ought to be. We then make a home for being miserable and living an unfulfilled life. The joy of living increases when you begin to invest in taking risks and when you stop being reliant on other things but instead using them as a form of elevation to the next level. When we begin anything in life the scaffolding is relevant but when the foundation is set, you must remove the scaffolding for when you do you open yourself up to opportunities that will take you to the next level. Remember you never really see the beauty of a building until the scaffolding has been taken off.

2. Be true to yourself

I remember the day I made a decision it was time to quit my job and relocate from the UK and move to Kenya. I was at work having a meeting with the team of people I worked with and there was some sort of dispute going on which I felt was irrelevant. At that moment I took a sit back mentally and observed everyone and then observed myself. I then felt that I had so much more left for me to give and that was never going to be achieved at the capacity I felt in me to achieve while still being there. I remember muttering in my spirit that this has to be the end for me and when I got home that day I went and booked my ticket. I then told my mum, who was the only one at home, that the time was now or never. The minute I did that I felt so free and so true to myself. The heaviness and confusion I had, dispelled from my body immediately after buying the ticket and speaking with my mum. People do ask me how I am finding it, and despite its challenges, I always know that at this precise moment I am exactly where I need to be and I would not change anything.

3. You would still do it even without pay

If you breathe it, sleep it, eat it and even drink it then that's exactly what you should be doing. If when you do it, it gives you joy then it's important to make time to continue doing it. I also must say that this myth that purpose equals pay in terms of money is not the case for sometimes our purpose is to deposit joy in others lives. For instance, your purpose could be being the person that recognises others, like saying hello and even making conversation with the cleaner of your office or being a person who works to ensure the needs of their family members are met. Purpose does not always equate to earning money but it will always equate to you finding fulfilment and remaining joyful in your living.

I found my purpose when I removed the scaffolding and became true to myself doing what I love, which started off with me not getting pay. I am very grateful and feel so fortunate that what I love doing does help me earn a living. I watched a short clip on Youtube by Oprah and a guest talking about purpose and in it, this lady simply puts it as long as you are alive you have a purpose and I will add by saying in due time you will recognise what it is and when you do, commit to achieving it.

4. Do what gives you peace

I learnt many years back watching Victoria Osteen and she said the best way to know you have made the right decision, is peace always follows right after. If you're not at peace then you're not at par with what you're intended to do. I thought of this some more and it made me realise that indeed our God is of clarity not of confusion, so if you're confused and you feel uncertain then you're going away from your purpose but if you have peace with your decision then you are aligned with your life's purpose.

May the above lead you to a self-discovery journey that leads you to discover your life's purpose!

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