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Are You Ready To OVAReact? Kicking Off Season 3 With Our Queen Hustlers Story!

We are excited to be back in the radio waves and the podcast scene with season three of OVAReact and we are super grateful to all who listen and have subscribed to the various platforms we exist in. As a result, we have officially reached streams of 400k and with this season we do not want to play as we have a crazy ambition to reach a million streams. So if you have not subscribed you can do so through Apple, Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Podcast and Anchor FM.

Now as the title implies season three is about celebrating the queen hustlers of our generation these are either women who run full-fledged businesses or those who juggle a 9 to 5 and a side hustle or multiple side hustles. So as we do with every season we like to start with our own story. Not to give everything away but here is what episode one of our entrepreneurship journey filled with trials and errors will inspire:

The dots will connect

Dots do connect, every experience and connection will lead you to find your ultimate path. So if you’re new in business especially this is just to remind you that when it comes to business, whatever challenges you face, the uncertainty that you feel and the people that you meet you must never fail to trust the process because truly only when you look back will looking forward make sense.

Don’t let failure discourage you

In this episode we talk about failing and how those experiences shaped us, however, we are all still entrepreneurs with various side hustles and our failures never led us to stop but to us discover the next step. So don’t let failure discourage you, let the question you aim to answer be what can be the next thing I can do? When you change your "why me?" to "what next?" it will get you to focus on researching other ideas you can create and in due time doing so will lead you to create a profiting business idea.

Entrepreneurship is very seasonal

There is nothing easy about doing business in fact everything about it will test your patience and so it is important to go at it with the understanding that your journey will be very much like the four seasons we experience in a year. Where there is time you will be planting, a time where you will be farming on what you have planted, a time where you will have to nurture the growth and a time of harvest. So as persons in business, we encourage you to learn your rhythm and embrace the fact that no business in this world remains at a constant high.

Learn more about our entrepreneurship journey as hosts and tune in every Monday at 10.30 pm on Capital FM where each episode will feature a range of amazing queen hustlers who share with us their stories which I know will be an inspiration to all.

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