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#BlackHistoryMonth : Celebrating Black Women Making History Globally!

We love the month of February because it is a month where the focus is on Black history. Although it originated from America with a prime focus on African-Americans we as Sister Speaks are choosing to do it differently by spotlighting women globally and we want to share with you an interesting list of brilliant women who have helped shaped history and have definitely paved the way for other girls and women to believe they can and indeed inspiring them to achieve too.

Black Women Innovators

mary kenner, inventor of sanitary towel
  • Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner

The first woman to create a menstrual pad. She invented an adjustable sanitary belt with an inbuilt, moisture-proof napkin pocket. In 1956, she was finally able to save up enough money to get her first patent on it.

  • Dr Shirley Jackson

The American physicist experiments with theoretical physics are responsible for many telecommunications developments, including the touch-tone telephone, the portable fax, caller ID, call waiting and the fibre-optic cable.

Black Women in Politics & Governance

  • Wangari Maathai

She is the first African woman to win the Nobel Prize in 2004. is best known for her efforts to develop the Green Belt Movement, a grassroots organization that focuses on planting trees to replenish the environment and improve the quality of life.

  • Sahle-Work Zewde

The first elected female President of Ethiopia and is currently (during the publishing of this article) the only female out of the 54 Presidents in Africa. She took office on October 25, 2018 after being unanimously elected by members of the National Parliamentary Assembly.

Black Women in the Wealth List

  • Folorunsho Alakija

She is the richest woman in Africa and the second richest black woman globally. She is a businesswoman and philanthropist for business ventures such as FAMFA Oil Limited and her current worth is $1.7billion.

  • Tinashe

She is the richest female African singer worth $6 million. Although she is born and raised in America she is a Zimbabwean citizen too. She is also the richest Zimbabwean musician and is currently the only African female singer in the top 10 list of African's most successful singers.

These are just some of the women highlighted on the Sister Speaks Show that airs every Wednesday from 10.00 pm to 00.00 am EAT, 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm GMT and 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm EST. You can recap on the show via the link below and learn more about other women highlighted while listening to great music only by female artists across the globe.

If you have a story you would want us to highlight or if you wish to contribute as a writer for our blog, please contact us at

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