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Caroline Mutiso Founder of Her Hustle Shares Tips on How To Hustle The Right Way

Caroline Mutiso opens up about her journey of starting Her Hustle which was inspired during her time in university where she had an opportunity to do a small working gig, during that process she saw a business opportunity and there began the bug of pursuing business. During our conversation with Caroline on the OVAReact Podcast we learnt a few things about her journey and below we have summarised some great nuggets of wisdom that those starting out in business need to remember:

Stick to your journey

You will meet individuals who will mislead you, steal your idea, discourage you and create doubt in what you want to do. Learn to listen with a pinch of salt, and be very selective of whom you're consoling regarding business ideas and decisions, and regardless of the advice given, if it is not something solid and worth considering you must stick to your journey.

Starting the right way

Caroline’s Her Hustle was inspired by the fact she didn’t really understand all things that one needs to do in business and she wondered how many individuals especially those who are young in age and want to pursue business but just like her don’t know the things they need to do and put in place to get their business to grow. Her Hustle was born about the idea of helping women to get everything in order from the get-go and teaching them to learn not to see their business as it is at the beginning but what it could potentially grow to, and in thinking like this they ensure that their business is legally aligned, has a proper business and financial plan and the right business support systems needed to help the business scale up and maintain longevity.

Communicating to your market

When you begin your business you might not always know who your customer is but your business should begin to communicate what it does in order to attract the customer and clients that would buy into what one is selling. Caroline talks about how she took time to study the art behind successful digital marketing that attracts people and leads the business to popularity. She encourages the idea of paying attention to all the small details that lead to successful marketing from one’s logo to even the captions and to constantly ensure what is shared is speaking to the customer in the manner their business is trying to.

Learn more about Caroline's business journey by listening to her episode NOW Streaming on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcast and through Capital FM’s Kenya SoundCloud below. Remember to also tune LIVE to Capital FM on Monday at 10.30 pm EAT for the new weekly episode.

Be inspired by Endo Warrior, Harriet Ng'ok founder of Harriet's Botanicals who started a wellness business because of her painful experience with endometriosis.

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