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Endo Warrior, Harriet Ng'ok's Shares A 3-Step Formula For Harriet's Botanicals

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Most businesses are inspired by passion, and some people are simply led by what they enjoy doing or because they are looking to solve a problem, however, there is a percentage of businesses inspired by solving a problem because the business owner has endured so much pain and is unable to find what can help them, they then create a solution for others who may be in need of such a solution too. This was the story of Harriet Chebet Ng'ok founder of Harriet's Botanicals a traditional health business inspired by the pain she experienced due to endometriosis. Harriet is this week's OVAReact Podcast guest and she paints the picture of her journey of pain that led her to find a resolution through traditional remedy.

Harriet left what some people may consider a comfortable way of life, she lived in England and was working at her dream job but the persistent pain she endured because of endometriosis led her on a journey of identifying the right solutions. Although she received a variety of medical solutions none worked as great as her own solution through traditional medicine. After she found the remedy that worked, the business continued to grow and the demand grew with it, and in the end, it meant Harriet leaving England to pursue the idea of healing her endo challenges through a full-time business.

Every business needs a formula for it to work, we have highlighted three steps that have led Harriet's Botanical business to consistently and continuously thrive:


Google is free, use it. Make time to do your research and learn as much as you can about the ins and outs of the businesses you want to go into. Research the legal framework to make sure you have the right paperwork and structure that ensures you abide by the law of your business and this will also limit others challenging your business for lack of having the right structures and doing the due diligence. Harriet speaks candidly of how she spent countless time understanding what each tree plant can do and testing out various formulas that can provide the healing solutions needed to alleviate pain for a woman experiencing extreme period pains.


When you have a good idea people will see it and want to steal it, so if you can patent or ensure your idea is trademarked to protect your business from being diluted, used and being a victim of false advertising, then do so. It may be an expensive and long process but ensuring you do this will ensure your business has longevity. Patenting Harriet's Botanicals formulas helped the business tremendously because it helped stop the imitation she was experiencing with people using her product, diluting and remarketing as the same brand.

Authenticity & Marketing

The best person to market your business is you because you are also the one that can lead in the authenticity of your business. Start a marketing campaign and learn to use all the free accessible digital platforms we have that ensure people understand your business. When you are speaking facts and linking them to your business being the solution then this will automatically attract attention, and eventually, you will be able to convert that attention into a consistent consumer base. When Harriet had done her research and patented her idea she was then able to share it with the masses, and as a result, her solution got so much attention from others who needed to remedy their pain. Her products are now sold beyond Kenya and are now helping many women who are either endo warriors or experience pain that can only be healed traditionally.

Harriet left us inspired by her journey and the wealth of knowledge she has amassed. We definitely recommend you listen and be inspired a whole lot more than what we have highlighted. The episode is NOW STREAMING on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcast and through Capital FM’s Kenya SoundCloud below. Remember to also tune LIVE to Capital FM on Monday at 10.30 pm EAT for the new weekly episode.

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