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Grace Akinyi Adongo Shares How She Identified & Shaped Her Unique Value In Events

If you live in the city of Nairobi you will know that there is never a dull moment in the city as they are numerous events happening every weekend, if not every day. There are huge opportunities for individuals to explore curating events for a variety of markets. Grace Akinyi Adongo has been in this space of events for over a decade and she is hugely known for curating an array of events targeting the ex-pat community and is heavily inspired by the idea of creating opportunities for Africans in Africa to connect, which inspired her brand United Tribe of Africa. In this week's OVAReact Podcast, we had the opportunity to connect with Grace and learnt more about her journey, and as a result, we have highlighted details about her path that became the source of inspiration for why her business is in events.

Your close circle see it in you

Grace's journey in the event was inspired by her friend who saw how social and hospitable she was as an individual. She provided Grace with the space to host her first event and after some encouragement, Grace took the opportunity and went ahead with curating the event which initially was just for 50 people but in the end attracted 300 people. This led Grace to see the potential she had in this space and this in the end became the catalyst that propelled her into the event space.

We may have people in our circles who complement our talents and innate ability to do things or sometimes they challenge us to explore what it would mean if we did use these talents they see in us. Although you may be initially hesitant like Grace was but we urge you to be curious enough to explore what you're being told because you might find that these individuals might be leading you onto a path you are destined to succeed and at the very least this will be the opportunity for you to find your niche that you can harness and groom into something that adds value in your life and a positive impact to others.

Pay attention to your surroundings to identify the gap

Grace identified that the unique value she had was to create this opportunity for Africans to connect through an array of events, this light bulb moment was because she paid attention to her surroundings and after various conversations with others, her idea of connecting Africans and those who love Africa was affirmed.

It is really important that when you are creating an event or even starting a whole new concept pay attention to what exists and in that what are the gaps, then create an idea around filling that gap, this way you're guaranteed that unique value that draws people into buying into what you're doing.

Try your idea where no one knows

Grace's first event was hosted in Rwanda and this is because she was advised that if she tries her idea out in Kenya which is her home ground she wouldn't necessarily get the true perspective she needs but if she tries where no one knows her and it succeeds then she has a better guarantee that it will work. Her first event was a success and it actually lasted longer than the time that was set aside for it, which was another confirmation that she was on the right track.

This part of Grace's story brings to light the importance of getting objective feedback because we will always be guaranteed support from those that know us but when you try something where no one knows you and you have done your due diligence to attract the market and the idea works out and attracts a huge customer base, then it is often a reflection that your idea has potential to become something powerful if taken seriously.

Grace's story will remind you to stop focusing on creating a new business because that's almost impossible but to work on identifying what is the unique value you can provide and centre your idea on that proposition as that is what will attract the customers, the clients, the opportunities and the events. Listen to the full episode with Grace NOW STREAMING on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcast and through Capital FM’s Kenya SoundCloud below. Remember to also tune LIVE to Capital FM on Monday at 10.30 pm EAT for the new weekly episode.

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