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Nadia Abdalla's Tricks Of Transitioning From National Government To Building A Global Identity

Positions in government are very fleeting this is because one holds their position through being voted in by the public or personally selected by the leading government. We had the great pleasure of featuring the former Chief Administrative Secretary of ICT, Nadia Abdalla in this week's OVAReact Podcast and she talked to us through the transition from a government role into hustling her way to the top as a leading global brand leading in communication and pursuing her passion in policy and governance. She is not your typical Queen Hustler but she shared with us her journey of hustling through a male-dominated career while discovering what is next for Nadia.

Nadia shared with us three tricks that are working for her as she builds her voice and defines her brand while transitioning from a government role into a new path. These are:

1. Separate your professional life from your personal life

You need to learn to create pockets of safe spaces and identify your circles of trust that will give you grace and room to bounce back as you transition out of government.

2. Be intentional

Government positions will expose you to many opportunities and as a result, you will garner several contacts. Nadia states that prior to joining any governmental role one needs to be very clear as to why the role is important and to identify the outcome one desire, for when one is clear about their purpose it will be easy to deal with the changes and manage the emotions that come with transitioning.

3. Invest in yourself

Nadia encourages those interested in pursuing government positions, or are in government positions and want to explore moving into business and/or other opportunities must learn to invest in themselves. This is building the skill of how to present oneself from how one speaks, to how one shows up and to even how one walks because these are the things that introduce people to who you are even before they know your name.

This episode with Nadia will help those in a season of transitioning and can be listened to via Apple, Spotify and Google Podcast. Don’t forget to tune in the following Monday at 10.30 pm on Capital FM for the next queen hustler featured.

As we grow and scale up our businesses it is important to harness one's femininity and Dawryn Nyiramugishu, Wellness Coach is teaching us how!

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