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Dare To Be Different: B.Simone, A Millionaire In 50 Days!

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Some of you may not know B.Simone but she is a comedian who rose from the Instagram streets. Her consistency with content led her to getting her first ever reputable gig as a comedian for the Nick Cannon’s show Wild N Out on MTV and since then has gone to not only do stand up comedy with other comedians like Martin Lawrence but she also started her own beauty cosmetic business and also wrote and published her first book this year called Baby Girl Manifest The Life You Want now available for purchase on her website.

On the 15th of February she set a goal for herself to make $300,000 dollars by 5th of April, which is the day that marked her 30th birthday. This would mean she would have 50 days and would need to earn a minimum of $6,000 a day to ensure she succeeds. A pretty insane goal for most but for B.Simone this was something she categorically stated would happen. In on of her Instagram videos she states with so much conviction “ I am not going to turn 30 without having a million dollars in my savings account!”

We have been watching her journey closely and have been taking notes. Her tenacious spirit, consistency and persistency were enough to turn us into believers and cheered her on to succeed. We are happy to announce that on 5th of April B Simone shared that she indeed reached her goal. She posted a video of her transferring money into her savings and you see her account showing her having $1 million.

Here is how she arrived to her destination of success:

Goal Specificity

B Simone was clear about her goal:

1. To have $1 million dollars

2. To have the 1$ million dollars in her savings account

3. To be achieved by the 5th of April

You need to know how success will look like and when you want it by because how else will you know what your doing is working and how will you know you’ve succeeded. Be clear about your outcome, for that helps define your source of income.

Willingness To Work Hard

Failing was never an option and the willingness to do anything to be the success she wanted for herself was evident. She learnt to think both outside and inside the box, and her drive led her to be creative and she was hands on and involved in everything. It also led her to see the various opportunities that we were within her control to make money. She sold her cosmetics products, offered promo discounts, she sold items and clothing that she had kept that she never used, she even sold her very first car that she had kept but no longer used and even went back to sowing weaves just to help bridge the gap.

Faith Focused

When she set her goal in February she never anticipated how Corona Virus would affect her journey to success. Her expenses increased, her shows and gigs got cancelled, she had to refund deposits and where technology could have made her money it failed her. B.Simone said that she loves and believes in everything she does, she prays over her products and those who received. She said that for her she was not going to stress over what she can’t control, and would not let Corona give her fear and anxiety.

Her faith in God is so admirable and in one of the videos she simply says that the God she serves gave her mind, wisdom, hustle and fire to keep working on. She also advised others to not worry about the naysayers because ones focus should not be affected by those that don’t see the value in your product but to focus on those that do because not everyone will be for you.

The belief B.Simone has in her ability and the trust she has in God is inspirational. She said that she knew she was a millionaire before she set the journey to be one. She is so faith focused, that God surely had to reward her greatly and with seven days before her birthday she was now a millionaire. On her birthday she didn’t only reach her goal but she surpassed it, for the remaining seven days that followed she had made half a million extra.

B.Simone emphasised that we need to realise that the money will come but what we need to focus on is building a strong team, have people around you that believe in you, be grateful to those around you that contribute to your achievements and you must never doubt yourself but instead do your best, trust God and leave it to him to bring things to completion.

B.Simone new goal is to be a billionaire by the time she is 40 and honestly if she can be of a millionaire status in 50 days then there is no doubting that she could very well achieve all of that and more in 10 years.

“Number one, manifest the life you want and number two, see it, think it, believe it, say it with conviction and it is already yours.”


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