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Saving & Earning Money Tips During Covid19

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Uncertain times such as this calls for us all to learn to hold on to our spare change, for it is harder to work and maintain a consistent income. It is also a time where it will be more expensive to borrow money as interests will be high and it will be hard to determine when you will be able to pay off what you borrow. So here are ways you could save and earn money when you are on lockdown.

Change your post-pay mobile contract to Prepay

So you’re home on a full time basis now, therefore it makes no sense why you are paying Internet for both the house and for your phone. Reduce your Internet bill to just one, cancel the telephone post-pay contract and change it to pre-pay. What is great if you’re with Safaricom they will send your deposit back too, as long as you do not owe them for any prior payments. Receiving the deposit will surely come in handy. When in the house attach yourself to the Wi-Fi and when leaving the house just buy data that is enough to suite the period you will be gone away from your home. You can also try to negotiate with your work to cover your Internet expenses. They might agree to at least supplementing a part towards your monthly payment.

Check with financial institutions about deferring payments

If you are unsure or it will make it easier to change your regular monthly payments then get in touch with your financial institutions before your next payment is due and communicate your financial situation. You can either fully defer payment or inform them that you still want to continue paying and that reduced monthly payments will ensure regularity. Advise them on the amount that is financially comfortable for you and they will more than likely agree to this because for them it is better to receive minimal payment than non-payment.

Budget Expenses

Layout in detail your daily, weekly and/or monthly expenses. Weed out unnecessary expenses, define the list according to needs and wants, also within the list consider other alternatives for instance instead of ordering takeaway cook at home instead. The money used for takeaway you will find if spent on ingredients will even mean you being able to make even three meals out of money typically used to buy one meal.

Social Media Coordinator and Influencer

Right now every company and high profile individual is relying a lot on social media. So look out for contractual jobs to either be a social media coordinator for their page or as an influencer for a brand that they need to promote. In order to be considered for the job start promoting yourself as one and also use your social media space to create a reason as to why you should be hired. Also if you feel confident about who you are and your work ethic then create a rate card and reach out to these companies, no one knows you exist until you make them realise you do.

Sell Things Online

You may have new things be it clothing or home items that you don’t use, make a quick buck by selling them. If you are creative how about making stuff and selling them, even better you can make masks too. Keep what you earn for when things get financially straining.

Look after your pennies for those pennies will look after you when you need it the most!

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