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Digital Media Trends For Your Business In 2022

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

If there is anything the global pandemic is teaching us is that we are becoming more digital in every way for we continue to see the growth of virtual and augmented reality, like the trends of the adaptation of VR as part of everyday activities like riding on a treadmill while visually being in Hawaii, people buying and selling through NFT accounts and we are seeing this becoming a growing global conversation to offices remaining closed and meetings continuously through digital conference spaces like Google meets and Zoom, indicating the clear reality that if your business is not online it simply doesn’t exist.

2022 is the year where your business is going to gain the recognition and growth trajectory you have planned for this year. Here is a list of trends that you should consider doing within your social media platforms as part of your sales and marketing strategy to attract the right set of consumers who can be translated into regular customers of your product and/or services:

Twitter Spaces

Twitter last year ended the year on a high note because when we saw the blackout of Instagram, Facebook and what’s app most businesses and content creators jumped on their twitter pages promoting what they would usually only do on the other platforms. Twitter then saw a rise in consistency with people tweeting and late last year in November they launched their latest add on “Twitter Spaces” to rival clubhouse the popular audio only social platform. This year the use of Twitter Spaces has become increasing popular and those leading in the discussion on NFTs and Cryptocurrency are using it as an environment to educate and share information.

If you run a business and are a leading expert in a particular field or even have a podcast this is an opportunity to run discussion on these spaces where your followers can join, by listening and even participate in the conversation. We recommend you look through your Twitter Spaces, listen to conversations that interest you and pay attention to how they are run, and then curate something for your business and develop a discussion topic people can tune into. If you are consistent and even invite other speakers within the same field as you, you can see yourself turning your followers into active customers for what your business provides.

15 – 30 Sec Marketing & Business Videos

If you haven’t been doing this already then let this be part of your marketing strategy this year and trust me nothing is off limits. You can create comical content like Todd Clouser, a Senior Brand Marketing manager who creates content around aspects of sales and marketing which in turn promotes the services he can offer to your business or like Auri Katariina who creates video content of her cleaning extremely dirty homes and as a result has an accumulation of 6 million + followers between TikTok and Instagram and as a result sells products that she uses when cleaning.

Moral of the story there is always a way you can create content to promote your business in a creative fashion and the beauty we have plenty of options of where to promote from TikTok to Instagram to LinkedIn and many more. Invest time to observe what content is being created and especially those in the same industry as you and then thereafter jump on the band wagon and create your own and eventually you will find your flair and as a result attract the right following.


This is an app that truly came to save costs for so many businesses especially new businesses, because one doesn’t always have the cash flow to spend on paying a graphic designer and then wasting time going back and forth with them correcting and editing the designs in the manner you require them as. Now you can save time and money by exploring your own creativity and creating posters, flyers, and infographics yourself.

It is an easy and simple platform to use and there are so many templates one can use as a starting point and modifying to suite your brand. You can log in through an existing Gmail account or even Facebook account and then just get on with it. Give it a try and bring to life your creative flair.


This has typically been popular in the gaming industry however if you are in construction business this could be a very effective tool to adapt within your business when showing clients ideas of buildings and getting them to experience what it would be like to be in the building once complete and it can also be used as a simulation safety tool training individuals how to use expensive equipment in dangerous environments risk free.

Health industries have also been known to explore with the idea of incorporating it to treat patients with anxiety disorders getting a better idea of how they react to stress-inducing situations while remaining safe in sound inside a virtual environment. It’s even being used to help diagnose patients with visual or cognitive impairments, via eye tracking.

Your Own Website

Lastly if there is anything last year taught us with the digital lockdown of What’s App, Facebook and Instagram is that the reliance on digital media apps to be the only way customers can access you, can lead to you losing your source of income entirely. You need to ensure you have your own website that provides consumers, customers, and other collaborative businesses access to the services you provide or products you sell.

We truly believe hoping to either or all these trends mentioned will help you scale up your businesses with an increase in customers, consumers, sales as it will help raise awareness of the existence of your business or yourself as a brand.

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