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From Isiolo to Leading in Capital FM Kenya, Here is How Farida Idris Is Still Leading 15 Years On!

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

We had the amazing opportunity to kick off our guest episodes with non-other than Farida Idris who is the Group Commercial Director at Capital FM Kenya and Koroga Festival Project Director. She shared with us her story of how one random connection with The Late Chris Kirubi led to her forming a path in Capital FM Kenya. Farida who comes from Garba Tula, which is a small town in Isiolo County where most girls from that same town would only dream of the type of career she has had so far. Her story of leadership is one that simply reminds us that we should not be fixtated on where we come from, for the moments that define us are not where we begun but rather how we chose to perform along our path in life inspite of it.

Below are three tips we are highlighting from the discussion that took place with Farida on her journey that stems of 15 years in the media industy, that we believe can help you become a better leader in your own right.

1. You Don't Need A Degree To Be A Leader

What is most important is your experience, your grit, having perseverance when faced with challenges, setting long terms goals to keep you going, forming the right attitude and execution approach towards what one has set to do and best of all having the conviction in your spirit that you truly are the best in the industry and you will do all you can to make it work.

2. Adopt The Ability to Delegate Within Your Leadership Style

When working on projects that you take on, its imperative that you learn to involve your team right from the beginning and while doing so, train them to own their role in the project so when unable to be present the team can still proceed with tasks on hand without you and no one will feel the absence of your presence.

3. Have You Own Comptetitive Edge

All industries are competitive with Media being at the top of the list, and Farida encourages fellow aspiring leaders to work on identifying what makes them differ from the rest and to do so she encourages individuals to learn the art of mastering a skillset and when one is ready to then present it to the world undeterred, fully remaining focused on their particular calling.

Do you, be you! Success is not final and failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts!

Farida's jouney is definetly an example of a woman who deserves a seat at the leadership table and the above is but a hint of the extraordinary conversation that took place with her, of which we encourage you to listen to in full through the following links below and while you're at it do subscribe to the podcast channels in order to receive regular updates when we upload new episodes. You can also listen to episodes when they air LIVE on Capital FM Kenya on Monday from 10.30 PM EAT.



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