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How To Build Resilience In A Unpredictable 2021

1. Cultivate a Belief in Your Ability to Cope.

It is important you acknowledge and validate your feelings. Take time to remind yourself that you have what it takes to get through this. List out what you can do given the situation you face and then focus on working through what is in your control.

2: Build a Great Support System Around You.

It is true what they say that indeed your vibe is your tribe. Build connections and a network of people who you can rely on for moral, emotional, mental and spiritual support. It’s important to be able to reach out to one another at this time, to ask for help if you need it, and to stay connected to the social fabric even if it’s from a physical distance.

3: Confidently Talk Things Through.

If you bottle things up for so long you end up like a champagne bottle and one day you will pop with an overflow of emotions. So we strongly advise that you find people you can be candid with, individuals who make it a safe space for you to talk through your problems and feelings. It's important to process what you're going through in real-time. If you still find it hard to talk to someone then try journaling it is an equally great alternative or even better get a therapist to help you work through your feelings and what you are going through.

4: Stretch Your Hand And Be Helpful to Others.

Make a difference and reduce someone else’s pain by offering support where possible. We find that encouraging another often helps us also persevere through our own personal struggles. It is also rewarding and empowering to help other people during hard times.

5: Activate Positive Emotion.

When we are down as sisters, music and dancing has often being our go to. So we encourage you to also find things that will give you that good feeling, make you laugh and will amuse you. It is often the reset you were looking for.

6: Build an Attitude of Survivorship.

The more we focus on feelings of helplessness, the more we will feel victimised. The more we focus on being survivors, the more we will activate our inner strength and create a narrative that we can proudly carry into life after the pandemic.

7: Seek Meaning.

Find a sense of meaning in all of the hardship you are enduring. Everything you go through helps build and shape you to be better. So whatever you are currently learning find a way to link it to the positive impact it has in your life.

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