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Kui Mbugua, UberEats GM Shares 3 Tips On How To Navigate Through Different Career Fields

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

In the past, it was known that what you study for will lead to a particular job so for instance if you studied Math you can explore getting a job in accounting, if you studied English you can explore a career in journalism, if you pursued a law degree you would end up as a lawyer. Career paths were often quite rigid and it was quite rare for a person to get a job outside what their degree would lead to. Although things have since changed with a lot more competition for roles, and more varied jobs in so many fields, and most of this can be because of the advancement of technology. Those growing up in this generation have the opportunity to explore a lot more courses and career fields than ever before. So it is then not surprising when you meet a person who was once a teacher and is now a singer because changing your career ladder is more acceptable and common.

“Everybody is in a position to be a leader no matter their role.”

Kui Mbugua

This week’s OVAReact Podcast episode featured Kui Mbugua who is the current GM for UberEats. However, Kui had never gotten formally training in working for a tech lead corporation, her background in education and work was in law. We had a chance to talk at length with Kui about her journey into her current leadership position and she shared with us three tips that helped her navigate through her different career fields.

1. Stay Curious

Be willing to explore all the various options your specific career has to offer and try to get your hands on as many opportunities and use these opportunities to really learn. Doing so helps you widen your horizons and exposes you to different areas that you can perhaps adopt as you shape your career field.

2. Learn from everyone

Do not limit you’re learning only to those in high positions but be open to learning from everyone and giving them an equal opportunity to teach you something. Do not also limit these lessons to only those from your industry but also be willing to be taught by others who could have a skill that would be pivotal to your career path.

3. Do not doubt yourself

They’re so many successful people who when asked if they felt they were ready, would respond by saying they felt ill-prepared in the beginning. You must be willing to take the risk in going for opportunities even if you’re half prepared because those that grow and rise, are those who are willing to try. Do not doubt yourself, just do it and trust that progress will eventually come. Kui emphasises how this is even more important for women because men will more likely apply for a job even when they only have three things that match what is required while women will not apply because they simply lack three attributes needed despite having 12 things that match.

“Growth is when you’re the most uncomfortable.”

Kui Mbugua

Listen to the full OVAReact episode with Kui via any of the following links shared below and be sure to subscribe too. You can listen to each new episode LIVE on Capital FM Kenya on Mondays from 10.30 pm.

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