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The Sisters Market, An All Female Affair In Honour Of The International Women's Day!

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

On Saturday 7th of March we collaborated with The Insta Market to launch 'The Sisters Market'. A female only run market together with a sister speaks engagement sessions with topics on career & money, business, diversity and relationships.

It was a hot and vibrant day, and all was set to kick off at The Alchemist, Westlands. We had an amazing day planned for all who attended. Access to shop at the market was free and was not limited to anyone. At 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm we had Janet Mbugua come in to sign books for all who bought her book. We had an array of vendors from jewellery, clothes to natural made products for hair and your skin. We had Marini Naturals who were selling their newly improved products and Michelle Ntalami was there too connecting with her customers. We had the amazing Fena serenading her customers at the Fenamenal Style stall. We had health experts from Shepherds Good Hospital who were giving free basic health check ups and there was a Gynaecologist, Physician and Paediatrician on stand by willing to give free health advise. We also had financial health experts from Africa's Pocket, giving advise and guidance on how to enhance saving and budgeting skills.

The Sister Speaks sessions were accessible through purchasable ticket from Mookh and they began at 2.00pm and ended at 6.00pm. We had a range of inspirational female speakers. The first panelist was Fena Gitu, Wangari Muchiri and Valentine Njoroge who is the founder for Africa's Pocket. They talked and on career and money. Fena gave solid advice for creatives and urged them to be consistent, Wangari encouraged us the women to be innovative and to invest time on enhancing technology skills and Valentine taught us how to be financially healthy as we closely approached the end of the first quarter of 2020. For business we had the amazing women who's combined knowledge on business is at least 20 years experience. We had Ajuma Nasanyana, Kenya's very own supermodel turned entrepreneur, Michelle Ntalami who's Marini Naturals products are now purchasable in Europe and Wambui Kibue who's business has been running for over 12 years. These panel had us wanting to start business but left us aware that doing so is not by any means easier.

The second half of the sisters speaks sessions were more on holistic wellness and personal development. We had Sheila Kwamboka, Maureen Waititu, Shazz Nderitu and Faiza Hemed for the diversity session, they really put into perspective that being a woman is no limitation that we must by all means always work to keep our crown on and to allow our diversity to be the reason we shine. Then we ended the Sister Speaks Session by talking about relationships with Paula Njuguna, a family lawyer who often deals with divorce cases, Tamara Nerima who is a divorcee and Wanjiru Njiru who is in a relationship and is public about in her social platforms including her YouTube Channel of which she is mostly known for. They put into perspective that love can be the most beautiful journey with the right person and the most challenging with the wrong person. They emphasised on taking time to get to know your partner and if they are red flags being shown, we need to adhere and end it.

Overall we must say it was a great day where women and even men got a chance to support other women who were selling, learn from the sisters working to change the narrative and an opportunity for women to celebrate themselves.

If you're reading this and sad that you missed out, well not to worry we have plans to run more markets and more events bringing women together. To always be up to date with what we are doing follow us on our social media platforms.

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Twitter: @sisterspeaks254

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