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Top 5 Must-Dos To Get Your Sexy Back

I was with my girls over the weekend and we had the time of our lives, literally let loose, talked things through and danced the night away. We reminded each other what life challenges had made us forget about ourselves. So as I reflect over that weekend, I have been thinking about you, who is feeling perhaps sad, lost and dealing with extremely emotionally and mentally draining situations that have made you lose your colour and withdraw as a result. Well, it's time to change how you feel by making time to remind yourself of how incredibly amazing you are and make time to work towards reviving what was always in you to be.

Here are is my list of top five must-dos that will lead you to feel rejuvenated and get your sexy back:

1. Get some sexy lingerie

It's time to throw away your old lingerie and revive your wardrobe by purchasing some cute and sexy matching pieces that will make you feel good. It is important to look and feel sexy for you and trust me a matching lingerie set will definitely get you there.

2. Revamp your look

Get a haircut, or braid your hair in a style you've never tried before, get a makeup artist to do you up and if you can arrange a photoshoot too. Changing things up is always a nice step to making you feel brand new and this is definitely the step that will lead you to make the changes you need to help shape the path you ultimately seek for you.

3. Go to therapy

Part of getting your sexy back is to work through what is making you feel lost and sad, and at times the best way to get there is to have someone who can help walk you through the challenges you are facing and guide you to figure out how to root your mind into positive thinking. Most of who we are can be traced back to certain things that happened in your past and it is important to trace back to help you understand certain patterns you may have and then take necessary steps that will help you focus on inner healing, and shape a better you.

4. Exercise and eat right

Getting fit and eating right really helps one feel more balanced and lead you to feel more energised and rejuvenated too. And let's face it if you exercise and eat right, your body will reward you by complimenting your actions with an awesome looking body!

5. Change your mindset

Take time to not describe what you're going through but what you want to feel even as you're going through an extremely difficult journey. Get in front of the mirror and tell yourself affirmative words aimed to remind you, that you're amazing, strong-willed, beautiful and a queen. Think right and you'll act right, and your world will reflect the words you affirm yourself to be. Thoughts play a huge role in the world we experience, so invest in shaping your thoughts with better, kinder and positive words.

There are moments in life that feel like a setback but I encourage you to work at getting through it in order to find yourself at the rewarding point of your life. It is always hard to face challenges but if you spend each day doing at least one of these five things, I promise you that you will get your glow back and it will be a lot easier to do whatever it takes to be the better version of you even when life wants to knock you down.

Always remember this, you are the one you've been waiting for!

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