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12 Ways To Spice Up Your Relationship

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Are you in a long-term relationship? Do you feel things are getting too routine-like and you find yourself perhaps you're taking advantage of the nature of the relationship and each other too? Then this list is for you, we have curated 12 ideas that you can practice as a couple that will help spice things up, bring back the romance and hopefully improve on the trajectory of your relationship.

1. Trading Places - Taking him out for date night

Purpose once a month minimum to take your man out. Plan out something fancy, dress up too and if you don't live together why not pick him up for a change. Let him know today you got this and pay the bill too, he will probably be uncomfortable but remind him tonight is his night and you're trading places this time around. This is a great power move and there is nothing sexier than pulling boss moves and letting your man feel like a king too.

2. Plan a spontaneous getaway

Plan a short staycation even if it's just an Airbnb a drive away from where you live or a cottage in a remote location, the change of scenery will not only revive your relationship and your mood too. A great refreshing, resetting and relaxing opportunity to connect.

3. Identifying a hobby you can do together

Nothing strengthens a bond in a relationship like finding time to do things together and a new add on can be doing a hobby together, for instance, if you are both avid readers of books, perhaps choose a book you would both enjoy reading and then review it together, and have discussions around what you liked and didn't like about the book.

4. Make a bucket list together

We all have a to-do list of things we would want to achieve, how about doing one as a couple and then set the challenge to accomplish them by a certain time. Ticking off the list together will make for great memories and is certainly an opportunity to experience winning together.

5. Love letters for one another

Set a day where you both write each other letters of what you mean to each other and then put them away or better yet create a fighting box and in it put the letters and a bottle of wine too. The day you have a serious disagreement open that fighting box, take out the letters and pour yourself a glass each, then go to separate rooms and read what you wrote to each other. The exercise of writing what you feel about each other will really elevate how you feel for each other and the day you read them will be another moment where you remind each other to not lose sight of what you have going despite disagreeing.

6. Team up in the kitchen and cook a new recipe.

Food is always a great way to bond and what better than creating a candlelit dinner together. Trying out new recipes in the kitchen is also a great way to learn new things about each other like cooking ability, one's taste buds and it's also a great chance to deepen your connection.

7. Double date

Make time to socialise with loved ones, connect with another couple and plan a double date or even games night. This is such a great way to increase joy and love in your hearts while reconnecting with those you may not have seen in a while. If you can't meet physically because of how life is set up at the moment why not make it a zoom party as an alternative.

8. Set aside me-time where you both do what makes you happy alone.

It is very easy to lose your identity when you are constantly with your partner and this can lead to getting bored or perhaps getting irritable over the small stuff. So while it is important to make time for each other it is equally important to make time to be alone and do what you want to do without thinking about how you using your time will affect another. It is also a great time to refuel, recharge and reconnect with your internal self and perhaps personal goals too.

9. Try something new together

Set a challenge you both can do e.g signing up for a charity run or spice up a date night by going to something like a paint & sip event. It's nice to try something new and create new memories together.

10. Show your partner you care through their love language

The author Gary Chapman identified our love languages as an act of service, physical affection, receiving gifts, words of affirmation and quality time. So when your dating you will begin to learn what makes your partner feel loved, it could be buying them a present when it is not a special occasion, it could be filling their car up with petrol or if their day is busy making time to have an early breakfast together, whatever it may be find the time to show them love in the language that communicates how much you care.

11. Couples therapy

In every relationship their times we may fail to communicate in a manner that ensures you understand each other and at times we have gone through past trauma that is evident in the relationship, so every once in a while you will find it doesn't hurt to have a therapist you can see together. Consider them a mechanic of your relationship who is there to help you learn to listen to each other and resolve issues better rather than sweeping things under the carpet.

12. Unplug for a night. No TV, computers, or phones

Switch off the outside world and distractions, focus on each other and do something fun indoors. For instance, you can spend time reminiscing on past memories shared together like your first date or talk about things you rarely share with others. Get to know each other and build further on the bond you currently share.

We hope you've taken notes and you will practice not one but all of the above so that you can be a power couple, who grow stronger together and are actively working to build a beautiful future ahead of you.

Wishing you all a happy and loving relationship!

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