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5 Ways To Keep Things Spicy In The Bedroom!

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

It is important to maintain a healthy sex life in your relationship. If you are in a long term relationship it can be monotonous, so it is wise to discover different ways to keep things spicy in the bedroom and we have identified five ways to do just that.

1.Share Your Fantasies

During your one to one sessions at home, make it fun have each of you can sit on opposite ends of the couch with a paper and pen, while sipping on wine and each of you write down a bucket list of no-stress, exciting fantasies to try together. Then look through the list and identify what you're in agreement to do together and those you aren’t as into, put it on a ‘maybe’ list to revisit later.

This is also a new way to learn more about each other and a chance to map out a new adventure to explore together. You will also learn new ways to sexually please one another which will heighten your attraction to each other.


Add fun into your relationship, make each other cheekily smile while on an important zoom call and and maybe even tell them what you have in store for them when you both get home. Sexting is a creative, enjoyable and a playful way to let your partner know they are on your mind.

3. Test New Positions

Try something new and explore different ways of pleasuring each other by exploring what other new positions you can add to your list. Instead of just doing it on the bed how about trying it with your body against the wall or for deeper penetration change up the angle of your body, perhaps like adding a pillow under your butt or even using fun additions like ice as part of your foreplay session.

4.Switch Locations

While you're trying new positions maybe this time give each other oral sex while on the couch, have him flip you over against kitchen counter to enjoy a sexual encounter or just start and finish on the hallway. The change of scenery will surely spark up your sexual adventure and keep your sex life literally on its toes.

5.Keep It Kinky

Surprise him and switch up your kinky ways, like keeping the heels on while you get intimate. If you don't leave together, arrange to meet him in his house with nothing on but a trench coat and heels, that will sure leave you on his mind all week. When you go out slip your underwear in his pocket and whisper in his ear cheekily what you've slipped in his pocket, be sure he will pay that bill in no time. And if his into toys why not add that during one of your night expeditions too.

Intimacy in your relationship should be an adventure you both explore and have fun together, while taking to account how you enjoy pleasure and trying your best to adhere to each other's sexually needs.

Be safe and consensual at all times.

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