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4 Dating Problems To Avoid

1. Ignoring your Instincts

There is a feeling one always has that arouses suspicion where there has been a paradigm shift in the relationship and that one must learn to adhere to that feeling within you that requires you to take action. The cracks continue to grow bigger but for some reason you just find yourself filling the cracks with ignoring what you really need to do.

It is more painful to ignore because the implications become grander and as we all know a stitch in time saves nine. So stop ignoring your instincts follow them through they will eventually free you from this state of limbo within your relationship that you find yourself in.

2. Dead Communication

You stop calling each other as much, stop texting as much, you hardly spend any meaningful time with one another unless an occasion presents itself and to be fair your conversations are pretty much meaningless. It’s like you're both just floating through each other’s lives, no one no longer shares about daily experiences, joys and/or struggles.

This is a clear sign it is time to let him/her go, because you are no longer relating but essentially wasting each other's time, and may I remind you that this is time you won't get back.

3. Denial

Neither of you wants to accept that things are no longer the same and this leads to you both living in denial. On the outside you both look like you got it together in fact everyone wants to be just like you, you’re like the poster couple but on the inside you're both crumbling with nothing solid about you both. And the reality remains, which is denying the truth doesn't change the facts!

4. Lies and deceit

Since no one wants to deal with it, this can quickly lead to one or both of you seeking solace elsewhere and before you know it, the relationship has more than two parties in it. The oddest thing is that lies and deceit become easier to deal with than the reality of where the relationship is headed. What we forget, is that you can't fool yourselves and others for long, the reality of who you are and what you are as couple will reveal itself in a forceful manner and this can often lead to words you can't unsay and actions that make you guilty and ultimately harm the other.

All relationships you encounter will indeed bring you to another level and some will have more than just the purpose of bringing out your strengths for you will also be clear about your area of weakness, this is brought out when you experience challenges that force you to know what not to do and make you realise where you keep going wrong.

There are some relationships worth fighting for because it’s evident that both parties want to make it work and they appreciate each other for their worth. Then there are other relationships that are meant for one season and this can be hard to accept. However, what I have come to comprehend is when things are not good deal with them head on because you avoid enduring an unnecessary emotional strain. Always be prepared to accept the worse, hope for the best and be quick to take appropriate action.

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