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3 Ways To Help You Find Love In Your Career

If you listened to our recent Sister Speaks show we recently talked about career love. We openly talked about the various paths we have taken, the lessons our career paths have taught us and led us to be where we are now.

In summary, we have listed three ways that have helped us find love in our career.

1. Self-Development

If you have discovered what you are interested in then we encourage you to sign up for online courses, free fellowships, read books and even look for video material on any number of website that offers constructive, educative and informative resources that will help you develop your ideas, evolve your thoughts and broaden your horizons. When you start putting energy into learning your knowledge enhances and you grow exceedingly. It will definitely increase you motivate you to do more to ensure and increase your need to succeed further in your career.

2. Mentorship

Invest in looking for individuals who can guide you in your journey in life. Seek a mentor who has an understanding of what you do because they too are in the same line. Don't seek a mentor you admire but is not in line with your goals and visions, because they won't be equipped to give you the proper counsel or even connect you to the necessary networks. Take time to assess your current career path and outline what you plan on doing next, then look for someone who's current point in their career life resembles what you would like to achieve. If you find them, send them a nice detailed email or letter listing out what you need help with and why you feel they would be suitable. More chances than not you will find they are receptive towards helping you or at least even having a one-off conversation if time doesn't permit them to mentor you. Alternatively, look for mentorship programs you can sign up to and the organisation will help identify a suitable individual who can mentor you.

3. Networking

We always like to say your network builds your net worth. Make time to network with people but not just anyone, network with individuals who are in the same circle, people you can learn from, as they can learn from you and individuals who if you connect with can often lead you to the next opportunity. There is a lot of networking opportunities so do your research and be sure to attend events held.

Loving your career is a journey but the things you do along the way will help you trust the process better, lead you to realise that the journey your taking is there to mould you and shape you to be and do better. Stay patient, find ways to be self-motivated and never tire of working your way to a successful and bright future.

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