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5 Must-Haves In Your Closet

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Style and fashion will always constantly change but there are some things that will always have a long shelf life, and are a must have in your closet. These pieces are so handy because they can be worn in several ways and it will always look and feel as if you're wearing something new and no one will be none the wiser.

Here are the five must-haves we recommend you keep in your wardrobe:

1. Non- Ripped Slim Fit Jeans

We are specific about the jeans not being ripped because non-ripped jeans are suitable for all occasions. Get yourself nice quality jeans and a nice slim cut too, to help showcase that beautiful shape you have going. The great thing about non-ripped slim-cut jeans is you can casual it up with flats, sneakers or sandals and then smarten up your look by rocking some heels. They are a great compliment to wear with shirts, t-shirts and even blazers. They definitely outlive most relationships and if you have the money you can buy like three in different shades.

2. Nude/Clear Heels

Find your shade of nude to match your skin tone or even get clear heels. These heels are neutral and will go with everything in your closet. They are definitely worth every penny and you can treat yourself to different types of styles to match whatever look you're going for and your preferred heel of choice.

3. White Shirt

When you get older you definitely get braver in rocking white shirts and they are such a great add on to your closet they can be worn when at work or when having a casual brunch with the girls. It is such a clean, simple and classic look, and if you get a big oversized shirt you can rock it like a dress.

4. LBD (Little Black Dress)

If you don't own an LBD then sis your slacking. You need to get yourself one because as we all know black is suitable for all occasions and goes with everything. This LBD will always come in handy especially when you have those "I don't have anything to wear" moments. Rock your LBD on a date and I promise you that man will be butt dialling you on purpose. Thank us later!

5. Kimono

A Kimono can never go out in style and it can be dressed down or used to spruce up your outfit, you can rock it for happy hour or wear it as a cover-up by the beach. It is a great add on to the closet and the best part is it suits all shapes because one size fits all!

So there you have it, invest in getting these great five pieces in your closet and when you can get a range of them, trust me when I say they will always come in handy when you least expect it.

Happy styling!

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