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Exec-Director, Wanjiru Kanyiha-Lusiola Shares Tips On Finding Your Leadership Voice

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Everyone leads with different styles but how one leads is how that particular individual’s voice is identified by those being led and the key is to not emulate others but to find the uniqueness in one’s voice and allow the experiences to help one’s voice become bolder and memorable. On this week's #OVAReactPodcast Episode we had the chance to discuss at length how one can find their leadership voice with Wanjiru Kanyiha-Lusiola who is the Executive Director of Kilmani Project Foundation.

Below we have highlighted three tips Wanjiru identified that we believe will help one improve on their leadership voice:

1. How do you communicate?

When leading in a corporate office, most positions are hierarchical and therefore if you’re a CEO or in a management position then you’re required to communicate the vision of what the goals are for the company so that those working underneath you can collectively help you in achieving those set goals. So it is important to be clear with specific strategic steps that each team or individual would need to do, when you don’t do that then you set yourself up and the team to fail which in the end is reflected on how the company is perceived publicly.

Learn to forgive yourself for not knowing better, now that you know better!


2. Silencing the inner critic!

Most women will admit to having imposter syndrome challenges a lot more than men will and this is when you have this constant voice of self-doubt despite your education, accomplishments and experiences. If you let this voice lead you then leading as required will be a lot harder, and therefore like Wanjiru, it would be wise to consider investing in perhaps a mentorship program that can help with shaping one’s thinking, identifying who you are, your strengths and weakness, what works for you and what doesn’t, learning to advocate for yourself and unlearning bad habits that affect how you lead.

There is no nobility in shrinking yourself to make other people feel good about who they are

Wanjiru Kanyiha-Lusiola

Create an environment where people are thriving

As a leader, it is important to leave yourself open to receive feedback from those you lead and learn not to take it personally, and if you lead like this then those you lead will emulate this same culture and will thus be unafraid to leave and/or receive feedback. In addition, you must also be transparent and empower others with skills and the information needed for them to perform their role at their full capacity. Doing all this and more will create a working space of a happy environment, where everyone grows and thrives.

To listen to the full episode of the #OVAReactPodcast with Wanjiru, you can do so through the links below. You can also tune in to Capital FM on Mondays at 10.30 pm EAT to listen to the episodes LIVE on air!

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