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Post Covid19 Interview Questions For Potential New Employer

Covid19 has really taught us to see our value, to see how we are treated by employers during times of crisis and to see if the organisation we work for are great financial planners. After this is all over and all resumes to normal, and you find yourself going for job interviews. As you prep to provide them with the answers that will lead them to giving you an offer you must also consider asking them the right questions to decipher whether they are a suitable employer.

Here are four questions to ask, that will help you evaluate the vigour and fitness of the potential employer’s current crisis management systems:

1. Does the organisation have a crisis management policy that outlines how to grapple and manage the impact of an outbreak that affects the working force ability to meet strategic goals and customer demands?

This is a question to see what has been put in place if ever there is a time where ability to work effectively will be limited and in turn affect both individuals and team targets.

2. What are the plans set for the employee when a pandemic hits, i.e. working from home, flexible working hours, and salary increments

It is important to know if the organisation has room for flexibility and do they adapt well to changes that are forced upon. It is also important to find out how this change potentially affects salary and benefits too.

3. How do they communicate new policies and changes of working methods

The best way to manage a crisis is to stay ahead of it, it is important to see how they outline their communication both to clients, customers and also staff. Transparent communications helps manage expectations, helps ease work stress and ensures capability to deliver is aligned.

4. What model do they have in place to assess potential risks and define responses in the event of a crisis? 

Safety is important and it would be worth knowing how the company assesses potential risks and also how it mitigates them. What measures have they put in place to ensure the safety of their employees is evident?

Companies need to keep their crisis management systems healthy and prepared to act when required, especially more so when there is high likelihood of a crisis showing up in the near future.

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