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Don't Be A Bottle Dating A Cup

Dating is hard and when you're a woman in your 30s there is a sense of desperation that kicks in especially when you're single because all of a sudden everyone is engaged, popping babies and walking down aisles. This, unfortunately, makes one feel pressured to follow suit and if you're not then it means you're lagging behind and the danger of this is you will end up dating a cup while you're a bottle.

Dating a cup when you're a bottle is a metaphor for giving all that you are to someone who can't contain what you have to offer just in an attempt to have the marriage and parent box ticked off. Dating is a process that takes time and it really should take time, you're in fact during this time researching about someone who can potentially be a lifetime partner. It should be a time to observe their qualities and test how compatible you are with each other. Dating is a relationship management course that teaches you communication skills, how to handle conflict, how to act depending on the challenges faced and it is also a time where you really learn about areas of your personality and behaviour that need improving.

Instead of rushing to date, you should spend time getting to know who you are and understand different aspects of your personality, this you will find will also be the safest way to avoid getting hurt unnecessarily because when you have a better understanding of who you are it becomes easier to know what type of partner would be an ideal match for you. I recently posted a video on my social media saying that it is important that before you're into him you should be into you. You need to understand what love is by giving yourself love, defining what respect should look like and what peace should feel like, I believe if you have these three well understood then it will be easy to recognise whether the person your dating has the ability to match the standards you're used to.

If you spend time understanding yourself you will spend less time building relationships with those that don't match you.

Happy Dating!

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