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Single & Searching? Avoid These 3 Types of Men!

Are you single and searching? Ready to get back in the dating streets? We are giving you a dating rule book titled the three types of men to avoid instantaneously. As you start going on dates we want your sisters to do better this time around and find you a keeper.

These are the types of men to avoid:

1. The Inconsistent Man

This man will take you on an emotional and mental rollercoaster because of how hot and cold he gets. One minute you are the hottest thing on the planet, anything you want, you get. You want his time, you got it, you want to go on dates, he's asking you what do you want to eat, and at times he surprises you with flowers in the office, then one day the off button is switched. He stops calling you, stops with his good morning messages, all of a sudden his work is keeping him "busy" but yet this "busy man" is happily orbiting your life, he watches your stories and blue ticks your messages. If you see this behaviour don't bother wasting your energy seeking an explanation because you will never get one or he'll play sweet yet still ignore you and avoid making time for you.

If he is treating you as an option than a priority, then leave him like it's a choice.

2. The Insecure Man

This man will either typical exhibit narcissistic traits where if he sees you doing better than him he will either make you feel guilty for glowing up and getting yours. You will also find that he is in constant need of validation and seeking approval for everything he's doing. This man is often hard to please, when someone doesn't see themself as enough nothing you say or do will make him get there because that is an internal choice coming from a deep sense of belief in oneself. This man will possess indecisiveness qualities, he will either question and critique everything he does.

Don't date a man who seeks someone to fix him or makes you feel bad to make himself feel better. Date a man who understands his weakness as much as he understands his strength and actively works at getting better emotionally and mentally. You should be with someone who together you add value to each other and you challenge each other to work at being the better version of yourself.

3. The Unambitious Man

This man will talk more of his goals and dreams than work at making them happen. He will be the type who's comfortable staying comfortable and does not work at getting more out of life especially from a financial perspective. So pay attention to what he says and what he does, if both are nowhere close to each other then you could be dating someone who has the potential to be the dream he talks of but has no desire to put in the groundwork needed.

Always remember sis it is not about what he drives but rather what drives him, take time to understand his vision and learn about his mission, if you see no drive taking place then sis this man will never match the ambition you desire and that vision he talks off will exist more on a board than the life he will in the end live.

Dating is a gamble and you will meet many who appear like a real deal but over time you will realise certain traits that are not complementary to who you are and more importantly where you want to head in life. However, the best last piece of advice I can offer is to listen and observe more and speak less in the initial stages of dating someone new and pray immediately for God to grant you the discerning spirit to identify whether he is for you, so you can quickly discard the idea of you forming a relationship. Ending up with the wrong person can feel like a prison sentence but if it's right it is effortless and no matter how hard it gets having them by your side always makes sense.

Take your time, date smart and don't rush. Happy Dating!

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